A solid solution
Project time frame


Turnkey contractor

Max Bögl International SE (Joint Venture) & Jørgen Friis Poulsen A/S (Joint venture)


Lars Gitz Arkitekter ApS

Floor contractor

JTI Gulventreprise A/S


BaseCamp Student Real Estate

BaseCamp Skovbrynet in Lyngby

639 student dwellings, 69 commercial units, 78 rental units and a 2,700 m2 common house – in all, a 41,500 m2 architectonic giant construction.

The snake-formed structure has six stories and a green roof, established as open space and with public access via paths from the ground. Access to the roof is also possible via stair towers and elevators.

Substantial special production of elements was used for the project, including more than 5,400 concrete elements and 5,280 façade elements. At one point, BaseCamp seized the full capacity of several of Max Bögl’s German concrete element factories.

The joined concrete elements were made with Marlon Element Joint Mortar 35, and for concreting, Marlon Liquid Mortar EKF 602 was used.

Marlon products in connection with shell erection
Marlon Joint Mortar 35                         450 tonnes
Marlon Liquid Mortar EKF 602LM        120 tonnes
Marlon Finishing Putty B15                  10 tonnes

Marlon design floor
The 2,700 m2 or so of floor space in the large common house was made using a specially designed liquid putty called Marlon Liquid Putty CS 625 Plus. The job was completed in close cooperation with floor contractor JTI Gulventreprise of Bramming, near Esbjerg.

Marlon floor products
Marlon Liquid Putty CS 625 Plus         35 tonnes

Marlon products applied

Grout EKF 602LM

120 tons

Joint Mortar

450 tons