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Concrete renovation

Discover our wide range of products for concrete repair and renovation
Marlon - We use recycled plastic – for the sake of the environment

We use recycled plastic – for the sake of the environment

As we strive to protect the environment as much as possible, Marlon has chosen to use recycled plastic in all our bags. This way, we meet our goal of saving some of the raw material we use for packaging and at the same time we protect the environment.

Recent cases

BaseCamp Skovbrynet in Lyngby

639 student dwellings, 69 commercial units, 78 rental units and a 2,700 m2 common house – in…

Amagerværket BIO4 plant

The construction of the BIO4 project was launched in September 2016, and the block is expected to be…

Landing stage in Fredericia

After many years in saltwater, the foundation beneath this private homeowner association’s landing…

Sønderparken Ikast

In recent years, Sønderparken in the town of Ikast has been completely renovated, both inside and…
Marlon - Marlon Marine

Marlon Marine

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Marlon - Floor H25

Levelling compound

Floor H25
Marlon - Joint Mortar

Installation and joint mortar

Joint Mortar
Marlon - Concrete Repair R4

Concrete renovation

Concrete Repair R4