Concrete renovation

Whether you need our high-strength concrete, fibre concrete or repair concrete, we guarantee a premium-quality, ready-mix product that only needs mixing with water. All products are based on cement, and the sand and stone materials comply with the requirements for environmental class E, cf. DS 2426


A solid solution
Marlon - Adhesion Primer CP
Adhesion Primer CP
Marlon - BetonMix
Marlon - Concrete P35
Concrete P35
Marlon - Concrete Repair R4
Concrete Repair R4
Marlon - Fibre Conrete
Fibre Conrete
Marlon - Polymer Concrete
Polymer Concrete
Marlon - Shotcrete Dry
Shotcrete Dry
Marlon - Shotcrete Wet
Shotcrete Wet
Marlon - TAPECRETE Primer and Thin-Coat Mortar
TAPECRETE Primer and Thin-Coat Mortar