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Product description

Marlon BetonMix is pre-blended dry concrete product that is ready for use. Just add water. Con-tains no corrosive components and is water and weather-resistant in its cured state. Sand and rock materials satisfy the material requirements of environmental class E (see DS 2426).

Areas of application

Marlon BetonMix can be used for concrete repairs in unweighted building structures, embedment of posts, levelling of floors, plinth rendering etc.


The surface must be well-suited and washed clean of any oil, grease, cement slurry and other loose particles. To ensure sufficient adhesion, the cleaned concrete surface must be dampened to produce a uniform, dull and slightly absorbent surface.


Add cold/lukewarm water to Marlon BetonMix and mix well in a suitable compulsory mixer. For manual mixing, mix in a tub/bucket using a drill with a double-bladed propeller agitator attach-ment. When using a drill, first pour the water in the bucket. Then add the dry product and mix thoroughly until you reach a good workable consistency.


Apply/pour the product as directed in layer thicknesses of 10-80 mm, depending on the grain size. Apply using screed guides and a straight edge, then render/smoothen afterwards. Application is also possible using ordinary masonry tools. Excessive variation in layer thickness may result in shrinkage cracks.


In warm periods, newly laid Marlon BetonMix should be protected from rapid drying due to draughts, high temperatures, sunrays etc. In winter periods, protect the concrete (optionally, with winter mats) from intense night frost, hard winds etc. in the first 24 hours of curing.


Clean tools with water immediately after use. Cured BetonMix can only be removed mechanically.


Marlon BetonMix is subject to internal inspection according to Marlon’s quality assurance system. Subsequent measuring and mixing at the site of application is not included in quality control.

Product information

Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup

Material type
Pre-mixed dry concrete

Filler material
Oven-dried silica sand, cl. E.

Added water
2,3-2,5 l pr. 25 kg.

Approx. 12,5 l pr. 25 kg.

Layer thickness
0-4: 10-40 mm. Guiding.
0-8: 25-80 mm. Guiding.

Portland Cement, CEM I 52.5 N (LA).

Approx. 25 kg pr. m2 at a layer thickness of 1 cm.

Storage time
Min. 12 mos. in dry conditions in unopened packaging.

25 kg plastic sacks and big bags.


Technical data Values Method
Compressive strength, 28 days ≥ 35 MPa DS/EN 13892-2
Density (wet) 2150 kg/m3 DS/EN 1015-6
Consistency Rigid plastic - plastic TI-B18(86)
Chromate content < 2 mg/kg cement  
Chloride content < 0,02 % DS/EN 1015-17



Item no. 0-4 mm 1000300  
DB-nr 5916477  
Item no. 0-8 mm 10299  
Pr nr. 1740853  
Version 08.23 replaces 07.14  



Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup
År 15
DoP 1000300
DS/EN 13813
Pre-mixed dry concrete



Reaction of fire A1fl
Release of corrosive substances CT
Water permeability NPD
Water vapor permeability NDP
Compressive strength C35
Bending strength NPD
Surface hardness NPD
Resistance to wear NPD
Sound insulation NPD
Sound absorption NPD
Isolans NPD
Chemical resistance NPD