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Polymer Concrete

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Product description

Marlon Polymer Concrete is a factory-made pre-mixed dry mortar product, which is ready for use after adding clean, measured water and mixing well. The product is composed of Portland cement, pozzolanas, polymers, plastifying and contraction-reducing additives and oven-dried silica sand with a controlled grain curve. Marlon Polymer Concrete comes n two types with a (Dmax) grain size of 0-2 and 0-4, respectively. Marlon Polymer Concrete is a heavy viscous mass when mixed. Mixed, Marlon Polymer Concrete is a strong, heavy liquid concrete with low contraction and optimal adhesion to surfaces. The product satisfies the material requirements for extra aggressive environments (see DS/EN 206 DK NA:2020).

  • Well-suited for aggressive environments
  • Layer thicknesses of up to 60 mm
  • Contraction-compensated
  • Latex-modified
  • Just add water

Marlon Polymer Concrete is used, e.g. for surfacing on bridge decks, balconies, underground parking, etc., and for different repair projects requiring a strong concrete with low contraction or work for which traditional concreting methods are not practical. Marlon Polymer Concrete is also particularly wellsuited for aggressive environments and, with its polymer additive, ensures optimal adhesion to the surface.


The surface must be well-suited and washed clean of any oil, grease, cement slurry and other loose particles through chipping, sandblasting or the like. Marlon recommends having the surface approved by a consultant or inspector before concreting begins.


Manual mixing is done with a slow-rotating drill with a two-bladed propeller mixer attached. Marlon recommends first pouring ¾ of the water in a bucket/mixing tub. Next, add the dry powder mix and mix thoroughly while gradually adding the remaining water. Mix well until the mixture is a lump-free viscous mass. Mixing can also be done in a suitable concrete mixer.


Marlon Polymer Concrete can generally be applied in layer thicknesses between 5 and 70 mm, depending on the type. For greater layer thicknesses, an aggregate of larger stone fractions of up to 15% can be added. In normal conditions, at +20°C, the processing time is approx. 30 min. Lower temperatures will lengthen, and higher temperatures will shorten the processing and hardening times. If in doubt, it is advisable to do a test pouring first.


The newly poured concrete surface must not be exposed to loads and must be protected as quickly as possible after pouring against drying with sealed plastic or a suitable curing membrane.


Marlon Polymer Concrete should not be used at temperatures under +5°C. Marlon Polymer Concrete does not tolerate frost during the curing and cementation period.


Clean tools with water immediately after use. Hardened Polymer Concrete can only be removed mechanically.


Marlon Polymer Concrete is subject to internal inspection according to Marlon’s quality assurance system. Subsequent measuring and mixing at the site of application is not included in quality control.

Product information

Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
DK-8740 Brædstrup

Material type
Cement-based dry concrete with plasticizer.

Cement type
Portland cement, CEM I 52,5 N (LA).

Environmental class
Extra aggressive.

Filler material
Oven-dried and sorted silica sand, cl. E.

Polymer, plasticizer and anti-contraction additives.

Added water
0-2: Approx. 2.4 l per 25 kg sack.
0-4: Approx. 2.3 l per 25 kg sack.

Opening time
Approx. 30 min., depending on temperature.

Layer thickness
0-2: 5-30 mm. Guideline.
0-4: 10-60 mm. Guideline.

25 kg plastic sacks and big bags.

12 months in dry and suited conditions in unopened packaging.

Technical data Values Method
Compressive strength, 28 days > > 50 MPa DS/EN 12190
Bending tensile strength, 28 days > 9 MPa DS/EN 12190
Density (wet) 2220 kg/m³ DS/EN 1542
Adhesive strength, 28 days > 2.6 MPa DS/EN 1015-7
Air content 5 % DS/EN 1015-7
Contraction, 28 days 0.19 ‰ DS/EN 12617-4
Chromate content < 2 mg/kg cement  
Propagation measure < 250 mm DS/EN 13395-1



Item no. 0-2 10365  
Item no. 0-4
Pr no. 1741063  
Version 07.14 replaces 11.12  



Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup
Year 14
DoP 1000365
EN 1504-3
Concrete repair product for construction repairs. CC mortar, based on hydraulic cement.



Compressive strength > 45 MPa class R4
Chloride content ≤ 0.05 %
Adhesion ≥ 2.0 MPa
Carbonatization Passed
Elastic modulus ≥ 20 GPa
Thermal compatibility Part 1 ≥ 2.0 MPa
Capillary absorption ≤ 0.5 kg x m-2 x h-5
Hazardous substances In accordance with section 5.4
Fire-resistance Class A1