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Concrete Glue

Glue and filling compound

Concrete Glue

Cementbased glue for blocks and elements

Product description

Marlon Concrete Glue is a cement-based, pre-mixed lightweight joint compound consisting of Portland cement, mineral filling agents, additives and oven-dried silica sand, with a max grain size of 0.6 mm, which, thanks to its composition, makes the product particularly well-suited for gluing block masonry and for various repair tasks etc. Marlon Concrete Glue contains no corrosion-promoting components and, in unbound state, is water- and weather-resistant.

  • Good adhesive properties
  • Water and frost-resistant
  • Contains additive to improve adhesion
  • Pre-mixed, just add water

Marlon Concrete Glue is typically used for gluing together block masonry, such as aerated concrete, foundation blocks, manhole rings, etc. on both horizontal and vertical surfaces (doesn’t slip) and for puttying and repairs in layer thicknesses of up to approx. 5 mm.


Wipe the surface clean of any loose material, dust, cement skin, oil, putty remains or other impurities that could prevent adhesion. Marlon Concrete Glue can be applied to solid, dry and moist surfaces. Smooth surfaces must be lightly sanded, to ensure that the glue has sufficient contact.


Mixing is done with a slow-rotating drill with a suitable mixer. It is recommended to pour ¾ of the water in a bucket/tub. Next, add the dry powder mix and mix thoroughly while gradually adding the remaining water. Mix well until the mixture is free of lumps and easy to work with. The mixing time is min. 5 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of standing and remixing. The tile glue is now ready for use and should be used within 2 hours.


Apply the blended mixture to the horizontal or vertical surface with a trowel, steel filling knife or other suitable material. Preparation time is approx. 2 hours at a temperature of +20°C. Lower temperatures prolong, and higher temperatures shorten the opening and hardening times.


Work with Marlon Concrete Glue should not be done at temperatures lower than +5°C or higher than +30°C. Frost is not tolerated during hardening.


Clean tools with water immediately after use. Hardened Marlon Concrete Glue can only be removed mechanically.


Marlon Concrete Glue is subject to internal inspection in accordance with Marlon’s quality assurance system. Subsequent measuring and mixing at the site of application is not included in quality control.

Product information

Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
DK-8740 Brædstrup

Material type
Functional mortar type T, cementbased glue/lightweight joint glue.

Cement type
Portland cement.

Filler material
Sorted and oven-dried silica sand, cl. E.

Environmental class

Adhesion-improving additives.

Added water
About 20% of the dry powder weight. (5.0 l per 25 kg).

Time of use
2-3 hours, depending on the temperature.

Layer thickness
Guideline, approx. 1-5 mm.

Approx. 1.5 kg dry powder product per m²/mm layer thickness.

Plastic bag 25 kg

Min. 12 months in dry and suited conditions in unopened packaging

Technical data Values Method
Compressive strength, 28 days About 10 MPa DS/EN 1015-11
Density (wet) 2150 kg/m3 DS/EN 1015-7
Chromatin content < 2 mg/kg cement  



Item no. 10598  
Pr no. 2262830  
Version 06.14 replaces 11.12  



Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup
Year 11
DoP 1000598
EN 998-2
Functional mortar type T: Masonry mortar for outdoor use in elements/blocks subject to static requirements.



Compressive strength M10
Chloride content < 0,1 weight %
Flammability Class A1
Adhesive strength NPD
Water absorption NPD
Steam diffusion Coefficient NPD
Thermal conductivity/coefficient density NPD