A solid solution
Finish-filler B15

Glue and filling compound

Finish-filler B15

Fast-curing, durable putty

Product description

Marlon Finish-filler B15 is a fast-hardening, cement-based filler that requires only the addition of water. The product is synthetically-modified, based on a special cement and has a supple, workable, paste-like consistency.

  • Fast-hardening
  • Filling and repair of damaged concrete
  • Multiple uses
  • Highly workable
  • Coating thickness from 2-30 mm
  • Shrinkage-compensated
  • For external and internal use
  • Concrete grey
  • Only requires the addition of water
Areas of application

Marlon Finish-filler B15 can be used indoors and outdoors for repair tasks, filling damaged concrete, the filling of minor cracks and holes, finishing tasks etc. where the surface is typically concrete, cement plaster or other suitable mineral materials. Can be used as a surface for vinyl and wallpaper coverings, tiles and most paint systems.


The surface must be well-suited and free of any oil, grease, cement slurry and any other loose particles. The cleaned surface can be dry, but it is recommended that the surface has been moistened to create a uniform, matt surface with low absorbency.


Cold/lukewarm water is added to Marlon Finish-filler B15, after which it is mixed effectively in a bowl/pail with a low-speed drill with a two-blade impeller attached. Before mixing, the water is poured into the bowl/pail first, after which the powder is added while stirring. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes until a lump-free, paste-like consistency is achieved.


Marlon Finish-filler B15 can be applied with a steel trowel, or other suitable masonry tool, in layers between 2-30 mm (for guidance only). If you want a smooth surface, you can run a steel trowel over the filler, or the surface can be smoothed once it has set, after approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the temperature and surface. The preliminary processing time is approximately 30 minutes at 20°C. Higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures extend both the opening and curing times.


During warm periods, the coating of filler must be protected from drying too quickly due to draughts, high room temperatures, sun rays and the like using Marlon Curing B75. During the winter months, the coating of filler must be protected during the first 24 hours of curing (using winter mats, if necessary) against night frost, strong winds etc.


Tasks using Marlon Finish-filler B15 should not be carried out in temperatures lower than +5°C. The product cannot tolerate frost during the curing and setting period. Outdoor layers of filler must be allowed to harden for at least 7 days before they are exposed to frost.


Equipment is to be cleaned with clean water immediately after use. Hardened Finish-filler B15 can only be removed mechanically.


Marlon Finish-filler B15 is subject to internal controls in accordance with Marlon's quality assurance system. Subsequent measuring and mixing at the site of application is not included in the quality control.


Product information

Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup

Material type
Cement-based, fast-hardening filler.

Filler material
Oven-dried and sorted silica sand (Dmaks) 0.3 mm.

Polymer and special additives.


Concrete grey.

Added water
24-25% of dry powder weight.
(3.6-3.8 l per 15 kg.)

Pouring temperature
+5°C to +30°C.

Opening time
Approximately 30 minutes

Approx. 11 l per 15 kg.

Coating thickness
2-30 mm For guidance only.

Cement type
Special cements

Approx. 1.5 kg dry product per m2  per mm coating thickness:

Storage time
Minimum 6 months under dry and suitable
conditions in unopened packaging.

15 kg plastic sack.

Items no. 1000354  
Pr no.
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Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup
Year 17
DoP 1000354
EN 998-1
Functional mortar type GP:
Fast-hardening, cement-based filler for internal and external use.



Flammability Class  A1
Water absorption NPD
Moisture absorption coefficient NPD
Adhesion NPD
Thermal conductivity/density NPD