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Reactive Mortar

Special concrete

Reactive Mortar

Alkaline spray mortar for the maintenance of waste water pipes

Product description

Marlon Reactive Mortar is a cement-based special mortar used for the maintenance of waste water and drainage pipes. The change in the alkalinity of the mortar reduces corrosion caused by sulphuric acid, thereby significantly extending the lifetime of concrete pipes. Marlon Reactive Mortar is applied as a protective layer on the inside of existing waste water pipes using a special spraying technology. Once applied, the drainage system requires no further maintenance to protect against corrosion. When the protective layer is completely corroded, the drainage system will require a new protective layer, which will again provide protection of the structural concrete.


• Requires only the addition of water
• Pumpable
• Fast curing
• No harmful substances, not hazardous to the environment
• Breaks down hydrogen sulphide
• Significantly extends lifetime – up to 25 years
• Inexpensive alternative


Marlon Reactive Mortar is used for the repair, maintenance and lifetime extension of waste water and drainage pipes exposed to corrosion caused by sulphuric acid. Marlon Reactive Mortar is applied with spray equipment specially designed for application on pipelines which are most often underground.


To obtain proper adhesion between the existing concrete surface and the new protective layer, it is important to thoroughly clean the drainage pipe. Use high-pressure cleaning to remove sludge, loose particles or similar contamination before application. Any repair of joints and larger holes in the pipes can be carried out with Marlon Reactive Mortar before applying the new protective layer.


Mix Marlon Reactive Mortar with pure cold water and mix in a suitable concrete mixer. The mixing time is approximately 5 minutes, depending on the blender's effectiveness. It is important to add the correct amount of water to the product so the mixture has the correct consistency before pumping. Small portions can be hand-mixed. Measure and pour mixing water into a bucket/tub, then add the powder while stirring. Mix manually using suitable tools. Because of the product's short workability time, mix only the amount of mortar you can use within approx. 45 min. Higher temperatures will shorten, and higher temperatures will lengthen both the processing and hardening times.


Apply using special spray equipment that sprays the material onto the concrete surface. In layer thicknesses over 20 mm, spray on two applications. Spray on the second layer when the first layer is sufficiently strong to carry the next and last layer (wet on wet). The spraying must be done correctly and therefore requires specially trained staff who are familiar with the technique. Machinery and equipment must also be in good operating condition.


Newly sprayed Marlon Reactive Mortar must not be subjected to stress and must cure for min. 3 to 4 hours at 20°C before running waste water can slowly be opened up.


Marlon Reactive Mortar should not be used at temperatures lower than +5°C. Sprayed surfaces do not tolerate frost during hardening and setting.


Clean tools with water immediately after use. Hardened Reactive Mortar can only be removed mechanically.


Marlon Reactive Mortar is subjected to internal testing in accordance with Marlon’s quality system. Subsequent measuring and mixing at the application site is not included in quality control.

Product information

Technical information
Marlon Tørmørtel A/S
Virkelyst 20
8740 Brædstrup

Material type
Product type CC. Cement-based dry concrete/mortar.

Filler material
Sorted and oven-dried silica sand, cl. E.

Cement type
Portland cement, CEM I 52,5 N (LA).

Plasticizer and adhesion-enhancing additives.

Added water
Approx. 3.2 – 3.6 L per 25 kg sack. w/c < 0.40.

1,000 kg dry mortar corresponding to approx. 500 L wet mortar.

Layer thickness
10–20 mm. Recommended.

Storage time 
Min. 12 months in dry and suitable conditions in unopened original packaging.

25 kg plastic sack.

Further information
Visit marlon.dk or call +45 7575 4300.